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May 16th Luncheon with Becarren Schultz at Claim Jumper

Learn how you can better build your brand through the concept of Branded Memory with Becarren Schultz.

Becarren has worked in Albuquerque at Ameritest for almost ten years. Prior to working with Ameritest, Becarren, a Minnesota native, lived and worked in Minneapolis and Chicago where she cut her teeth at ad agencies Fallon, Leo Burnett and JWT. 

At Ameritest, Becarren works with a team that focuses on providing Fortune 500 Clients with the quantitative analysis of their advertising. Their proprietary methodology provides brand teams with tangible evidence that helps them learn how they can better build their brand through the concept of Branded Memory. Her team's approach is media agnostic and incorporates a number of proprietary elements which allow them to accurately diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of any type of ad. Becarren helps provide an interesting perspective on how a the field of advertising works by connecting insights from multiple disciplines spanning human psychology to the study of film and the art of story. 

Please help us welcome her by coming and listening to her share the highlights of what she has learned by being in the business for almost twenty years. She's also asking you to come prepared with one of your favorite commercials - she wants to hear what we find interesting so that this can be a dialogue, She says that "as much as she loves to have the stage, she's far more interested in learning what we find interesting." (The researcher in her is always asking questions.)

Oh, and her name is pronounced Buh-car-in. She says she has lots of data to prove that this is the first question people usually ask.