It’s time for our second annual Burque’s Best Awards, recognizing those individuals who perform outstanding acts of service in the industry,  but are not recognized at the ADDY Awards. 


Smooth Operator - Account Services Award
For those who know how to make it happen. It’s the person behind the person, behind the person.  That special someone that has  the art of making projects run smoothly and the magic of making it all invisible. The Smooth Operator - Account Services Award recognizes a great artist and magician.

Plan, Plan, Who’s Got the Plan? Media Planning Award 
For those who bring the message to the masses. Media buyers, media planners, media managers A well-conceived and well-produced message means nothing if no one ever sees it. The Media Planner Award recognizes an agency or external media professional who finds the medium to reach the right eyes and ears.

Make ‘Em Look Good  - Public Relations Award
For the newsmakers. Public relations is the art of communicating in different ways to different publics and getting them all to spread the word. The Public Relations Award recognizes an in-house or agency public relations professional who best represents the client’s brand in plain language to everyone who needs to hear it.

Bob Marley Award for the most Jamm’n job well done - Production Award
For those who brings ideas to life. Casting directors, print producers, audio engineers, traffic managers, Web developers. Creative product doesn’t spring fully-formed into the world. The Production Award recognizes an individual who takes the brilliant and sometimes grandiose-ideas of the creative team and makes them a reality.

Klout Award
For the social media professional. Social media has become a part of every client’s strategy. The Klout Award recognizes the social media professional who has best delivered on their social media

I got 99 Problems but a Pitch Ain’t One - Sales Person of the Year
All sales roles within the ad community. A good sales pro will make or break your day. They have to carefully balance negotiations of setting expatiations and delivering results for clients. This requires the participation of a half dozen different disciplines with a dozen different needs, speaking many different languages. The Sales Person of the Year Award recognizes an individual who excels at communication, diplomacy, organization, and keeping all parties happy.

I made this s%$t happen - Coordinator of the Year Award
For the unsung heroes. Young minds and fresh ideas make things happen. The Coordinator of the Year Award recognizes a coordinator or assistant staff member who has made the most impact for the least credit.

Most likely to be my boss in 10 years - Student of the Year Award
For those with plenty of growth potential. All of advertising’s great professionals started out as promising students with great potential and no idea what they were getting into. The Student of the Year Award recognizes a local university or college student studying marketing, advertising, design communications, journalism, or another advertising-related field.

The Apple of my Eye -Educator of the year

For those teachers and administrative professionals who have made an impact on the lives of students with a significant emphasis on the advertising profession. It’s the person that doesn’t need the Apple to make a students day a little brighter.

Show Me the Money – Financial Wiz of the Year

This is the one that no matter what makes sure you are paid and stays on top of the billing.  Without this person bills wouldn’t get paid, and we all know what that leads to.



Deadline to Submit Nominations: June 5, 2019

To nominate, prepare a 250 word essay explaining why your nominee is deserving for one of the Ten Awards. Include the following in your nomination package:

* your contact information (name, business, email)

* the name of your nominee

* the award your nominee was born to win

* a short essay (250 words or less)